The Perfect Holiday Gift: ART!

Hello all!

For this wonderful holiday season, my one and only sister, Stephanie, is taking commissions for her art. She’s a magnificent illustrator, and I strongly encourage you to check out her work! You won’t be disappointed. Everything she creates is made with love and is truly unique. Stephanie has been drawing since I was in diapers. It’s always been her dream and calling. You would be supporting an artist that invests all her time and energy into everything she creates. I’m so proud of her and I want to share her art with the world. If you are stumped on what to give for gifts this season, look no further! A hand-drawn and uniquely beautiful illustration is timeless and thoughtful.

These would be great gifts for friends and family- or for yourself!

Check out her social media profiles:

Below you’ll find out more about what she’s offering, as well as contact information.


Support local art that comes from the heart.

Warm wishes and happy holidays!



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