Supernatural Energy in the Tarot and the Stars

Superstitions: You either believe them, or you do not.

I guess the secret is out– I do believe in some superstitions… I believe in luck, or the lack of. I believe knocking on wood helps counteract whatever thing I may have jinxed. While I find astrology amusing, I wouldn’t base my whole life around them. Fortune cookies offer a glimpse of hope, or perhaps even a little insight?

Now, I may be laughed at and questioned, but I’ve always been a fan of tarot cards. I’ve had a pack of tarot cards for many years, and it wasn’t until earlier this year that I re-sparked that interest. When people think of tarot cards, they usually associate it to witchcraft. For me, anyway, there is no association between the two.

You see, I believe (see? believing is something unique to everyone, hence the superstition) that tarot cards are simply a means of guiding your subconscious into reality. They help bring what you don’t really see (or even consciously think about) into view. There’s a story behind the cards, which you use to guide your mind. Sometimes when you see the picture, it’s not always what it seems. There’s a plethora of spreads––like a blueprint for your cards––you can use for any situation, where you, the querent (someone who seeks answers), begin a little soul-searching. In short, you’re using your own energies and thought processes to piece things together. Essentially, you’re following your own subconscious advice. Your “gut feeling.”

Yes, the Wiccan community does tap into some sort of supernatural energy to feed into their amulet of choice. I’m a little savvy into that world, and yes, it is interesting to me. But for me personally, I use the tarot as a self-help guide. I’m gathering my own energy and feeding it into my reading. I’m not calling upon spirits to show me the way. I know the answers are inside myself, but having a tool that exists to help pave the way makes my thoughts and decisions more concrete.

So if you wish upon a star––which I totally did last night while watching a meteor shower; or making a wish while blowing out your birthday candle; or holding your breath and making a wish when you’re driving through a long tunnel, or making a wish when a street light flickers off or on as you pass it––I take some sort of solace in the supernatural energy, whether it lives inside of me or around me.

As someone who is emotive, it can lead me to great things– but also derail me. Nonetheless, I still follow my heart and the energies that ignite my spirit.

However you pave your way through life, I hope you can find some sort of comfort during your journey.



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These are the musings of a 32 y/o dreamer, wisher and doer. All my posts are authentic; I write what's in my heart.

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