beginning of the end.

my reality turns to stone
don’t you know that I’m all alone?
I can’t handle another thing said
so please…
spare me the reasons

the sound of my own heartbeat
clawing and erasing my essence
there was a time when I could breathe
and not feel the weight of the world suffocate me

I once could open my eyes
and see the clarity that sits in front of me
but my eyes lose focus
and I’m blinded by my own destruction

My voice is gone
stolen away by my nightmares
but I can’t fight them all away
I even can’t set myself free

Pushing away the fabricated lies
I see my own mind playing tricks on me
how do you befriend the thing that doesn’t want you?
I watch as it turns away with no remorse

endlessly searching into black holes
expecting the truth
only to find loneliness and hopelessness
now losing control of my own life

I can’t bring you back to me
everything I created
now crumbles to the ground
dragging me along

I’m buried in the wreckage
through the cracks I can see
the blue skies turning to grey
as the rain falls on me

I drown slowly into the earth
and end in where it all began


don’t you see
this isn’t what it was supposed to be
who’s to blame for the frozen time
you know I’m out of my mind

you’re waiting for an answer
something to unlock the truth
but speaking mine was never easy
so I’ll stand here in silence and bleed

and spare you the reasons.





(Original poem by me)

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These are the musings of a 32 y/o dreamer, wisher and doer. All my posts are authentic; I write what's in my heart.

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