Somewhere beyond the “Otherside”


My head is buzzing. The sound frequencies and wavelengths are churning inside my mind. I lie awake and stare at the wall, as if the answer to my problems are going to seep through the paint and wash away the indignation and pain.

I’m not having a pity party, I legit question the universe as to why these events, trials and tribulations seem to frequently happen to me. Did I do something to deserve it? Did I wrong people unknowingly? Did I insult my ancestors and do injustice to their legacy? I don’t fucking know anymore. But I’m screaming as loud as I can, yet no one seems to really hear me.

Am I alive? Is this real? Or are we all just walking around in a dream that morphs into a nightmare? Is someone watching us through a petri dish? What if we’re some fat kids 6th grade science project?

I don’t know if I believe in the “otherside”, whatever that means to you. Faith is something I have in life itself, and I try to hold onto it. But then events like today make me feel something else. I’m lucky to be alive, but at the same time, I’m so broken and empty inside. Part of me died; I lost a friend.

I’ve lost hope in a lot of things. I don’t feel hopeful for the future. I don’t feel hopeful in the present. So many things have led up to this moment, and at the end of the day, I just keep asking the same question… “Why?”

Do any of us have it figured out? Maybe we’re all just faking it. But some of us can’t keep wearing the mask, can’t keep playing out this charade, can’t keep pretending it’s all okay… Because it’s not okay. And sometimes I wish someone would take a deeper look into my soul and reach in and make me whole again.

But I’ll still curl up into myself with my walls up high, because who would want to scale them anyway? I’ll hide inside my fortress, for the vulnerability that comes with these emotions is too great, and I have nothing left to give.

I don’t know who or what I even am anymore…

I hope I can find her again.



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These are the musings of a 32 y/o dreamer, wisher and doer. All my posts are authentic; I write what's in my heart.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere beyond the “Otherside”

  1. Amy –
    Wow, yeah I hear you. These life intruding events can rock your world. I happy to know for the most part you are okay. Things will work out.

    My accident changed the course of things forever. And the hardest years lasted about 15 yrs. Yes it seems pasay to say, this too will pass. However, it will.

    Everything in life is a lesson and a challenge. Which is why it’s best we meet them head-on, doing our best to embrace them in thought and spirit anticipating positive results.
    (key) “Something good will come from this.”
    (Like planting a seedling in hope)

    And these events are what makes and shows us who we are.
    You met the true character in you from these events.

    Trust me, it isn’t alway cut & dry clear, the how’s and why’s. However, it is easier & most definately better for you, to rest in a forward thought that all will be shown in the proper time. (Plant the seedlings of hope)

    We are a resilient creation & even when we think we’re done for. We’re not!

    My sweet Amy,
    Leave alone what you can’t do or why, it is paralyzing & non-productive.

    Continue your journey in life step by step & day by day. Embrace what you can do for that is your gift.
    Plant the seedlings of hope.
    Paint your new Horizon!

    I Love You!
    Your Aunt Liz

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    1. Thank you for sharing your kind words and wisdom, I love and appreciate you always. It’s been really hard because I don’t understand why all this shit keeps hitting the fan. Thanks for sharing your love and light. x


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