Depression is…

Depression is me laying in bed all morning, all afternoon. It’s me aimlessly staring into my phone, swiping through apps, as if the answer to my life’s problems are going to reveal themselves.

Depression is me looking for the will to try to make a change, to better my life, but unable to tap into the energy to make it happen. It’s me waving goodbye to potential opportunities because it’s just too exhausting to chase after.

Depression is me being unable to think clearly. It’s me forgetting things that were spoken of minutes ago, forgetting what to do next, who told me what, unable to recall things that I thought were important.

Depression is me wanting to hide from everyone and all the responsibilities I should care about, but can’t seem to get a grasp on. It’s me making another justification on my behalf. It’s me attempting to motivate myself but failing miserably.

Depression is preferring to sleep instead of anything else. At least when I’m asleep, life doesn’t touch me.

Depression is me unable to face myself. It’s me staying inside, inside this house, inside this bed, inside and stuck in my head. There might be someone inside screaming and begging to get out. But maybe no one will ever really know because it’s too dark to see…


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These are the musings of a 32 y/o dreamer, wisher and doer. All my posts are authentic; I write what's in my heart.

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